I am a photographer who always wanted to be a filmmaker. At the age of fifteen I saw The Manchurian Candidate and was forever changed. Films became something more to me. I saw compositions, tones of black and white and thematic purpose. At the time, I couldn't articulate those early observations, but eventually I did. Photography provided a way to see the world cinematically. I have been photographing for the last thirty years, primarily in black and white.

     For the last three years I have been working on the notion of thematic purpose within the structure of a photographic project. I explore a set of ideas (inspired by film, books, poetry, etc.) and photograph scenes. An artist's statement accompanies the project, which enables the viewer to have an understanding of my intentions. Invariably, film and the influences of favored directors are referenced. I continue to photograph on the street, make portraits and landscapes but the emphasis is now on themed projects. I cannot escape it or maybe it cannot escape me. Engagement of the viewer, exploration of themes and interpretive conflict are my primary concerns.